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Type of Loans

Modern Office Building

Office Building


1. Mixed Use: Mixed use loans apply to Commercial Properties that encompass two or more zoned purposes. For example, A property with apartments above and retail space below would be considered Mixed use. 

2. Office Building Loans: The SBA (small business administration) works with lenders to provide financing for small businesses. There are four main types of office loans: 1. Long term Loans (Most common) 2. Short-Term Loans 
3. Line of Credit Loan 4. Alternative financing

4. SBA Loans: SBA Loans can help provide financing to numerous different types of businesses, such as franchised locations, hotel/motels, restaurants, coffee shops, cafes, car washes, liquor stores, retail stores, salons/barber shops, dry cleaning products, mechanic locations, manufacturing locations, tech repair shops, ETC.

5. Retail Shop Loans: This type of loan is given to an individual by a commercial bank, credit union, or financial institution to help purchase assets like property, vehicles, consumer electronics, etc. Banks offer retail loans to consumers to meet their personal needs. 

6. Industrial Loans: A Commercial & Industrial Loan is a type of loan that goes directly to the business rather than the individual. These short term loans may have interest rates determined by the LIBOR rate or prime rate, and are secured by using collateral owned by the business. 

Apartment Building Loans: While residential loans can cover smaller apartments with 4 or less units, Commercial Apartment building loans apply to any building with 5+ units due to the fact that a majority of the space will be rented out for profit. 

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